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Paige Johan

Automotive Aftermarket Data Specialist

Paige graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor's degree in Political Science, with an emphasis on Research, Analysis, and Information Dissemination.  Paige eventually went to work for a large Automotive Aftermarket manufacturer/distributor and came to specialize in the development and management of electronic catalog data for their product management team.  At the time, the Auto Care Association (formerly Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, AAIA) was transitioning to their latest standards for information exchange, ACES and PIES (see our What/Why page for more information).  Paige was part of a small team tasked with spearheading the transition, and the tackling the various issues that arose during that transition.  She acted as a software/service tester for the product management team in regards to anything that had to do with product/market research and electronic catalog data.  In order to develop data that works, Paige engaged many different types of customers from counter guys, to installers, to warehouse distributors, to better understand the specific information they require to make a purchasing decision.  The next challenge was to obtain and verify the data, which was frequently dispersed among many different departments and individuals within the company.  Her focus was to increase sales by utilizing the Auto Care Association’s ACES and PIES standards to disseminate the information desired to the company’s direct customers and their customers that  would ultimately be making purchasing decisions.  As the Catalog Specialist for the product management team, Paige helped the individual product managers for over 17 product lines that covered light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, and power sport applications,  achieve their sales goals through effective use of catalog data.


Paige is focused on applying her skills to help Automotive Aftermarket companies to increase their sales through effective electronic catalog data management.


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Company Background

In today's word of interconnectivity, DATA is KING.  It is more and more important that companies provide the public with complete and accurate information on the products they are selling.  If a customer cannot find the information on a product from one company, they will go to the company that does provide that information.


Data-Driver was created to provide Automotive Aftermarket companies with a reliable resource that could fill any of their cataloging needs at any time.  From short term assistance, to occasional auditing/cleaning, to ongoing overall catalog management, we offer it all.

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