Services Offered

Data Conversions

EBay to ACES for Amazon

Legacy (or basic fitment information) to ACES...and more!

Data Submissions

Authorized ACES provider for Amazon.

Monthly and on-demand submissions to customers and/or data receivers.

Complete Database Development

Development of new ACES & PIES databases, including digital asset information.

Data Updates

Table & Standard Updates

Data will be revalidated (and updated if needed) whenever new industry tables are released, and/or industry standards change.

Carry-Ups (New Year Applications)

We can manage carry-up applications (newest applications that fit an already active part), discontinuations, supersessions, temporary price discounts, and price changes.

Digital Asset Hosting

Hosting of ACES & PIES databases and all relevant digital assets.

Interchange Maintenance

OE & competitor interchange numbers are kept up-to-date.

Online Retail Score Card

Want to know how your product data compares to your competitors?  The client's products will be compared to competitors selling the same products on that site.

Data Boost

Further development of current data by improving available market copy, product attributes, competitor interchanges.  Adding digital content such as installation instructions, warranty information, patent information, product videos, or hi-resolution product images.

Data Validation/Standardization

Verification that all data meets current industry standards.  Invalid data will be fixed to meet current industry standards.

Fitment Notes Normalization

All of references of measure and abbreviations will be “normalized” to avoid customer confusion (ex. 1-inch, 1-in., or 1").

Over Population Cleaning

Calling-out application features that do not actually effect the fitment of a part. This can actually limit fitment and therefore potential sales.  It also increases the size of data files and increases the amount of maintenance that will be required in the future. We clean data to provide the exact information relevant to the fitment of a product.

Over Mapping Cleaning

Listing multiple trim levels when all fit the part.  This leaves more room for errors and maintenance work in the future.  It also greatly increases the size of the file as well, which can create issues with data transmissions to customers.  We clean data to provide the necessary information relevant to the fitment of a product.

Under Mapping Additions

Applications a part fits, but have not been cataloged.  We identify these applications and develop that missing application data.

Overlap Resolution

Multiple part numbers covering the same application(s) with no obvious difference in form or function.  We add missing qualifiers where they can be applied, and provide a report for all remaining overlaps with our recommendations how they should be handled.

Consulting & Training